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Advertising has the power to get your business and product in front of more eyes and new audiences. My ads won't just get you more views however, I'll make sure they get to the right eyes.

Search Engine Marketing - Get Found Page One Google for your best keywords
Search Retargeting - target those based on recent keywords searched
Site Retargeting - stay top of mind with those who have visited your website
GEO Fencing - Target Prospects who come within the Fences with ads on variety of channels:
Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more
Connected TV - reach those streaming favorite tv shows with 30 sec ad.
Web & Mobile Display ads on top news & information websites
Email & Direct Mail Marketing
YouTube Marketing- target by Geo & Demo on #1 Video Network

Client: Marketview Liquor

Industry: Adult Beverages

Package: Target Marketing

Service Highlighted: Search Engine Marketing

Case Study: Over $100,000 in Sales from SEM Campaign

Total Conversion Value of $124,250

This is an example of an SEM campaign that has led to a substantial ROI for the client. This campaign has everything from an above average CTR, low CPC’s, and a high conversion rate that resulted in $124,250 in conversions for the client.

Above Industry Standard Metrics

The click through rate is the percentage of users who saw the advertisement versus who actually clicked on the ad. Industry standard is around 1% CTR. This campaign reached a CTR of 2.96% and had an average cost per click (CPC) of $0.09. Ad Words proved to be a low cost and effective marketing campaign.

BigPicture - This campaign led to 2,485 conversions and resulted in six figures of sales.

Social Media

Reach thousands organically or with highly targeted promoted posts. I can handle all your social media needs, from targeting to content and management.

Social Media Management – creating engaging posts that drive new & repeat biz
Social Media Video – drives 8x engagement vs basic image posts
Social Media Ads and Boosted Posts - Reach more of your audience, target the right people outside of your audience, and grow engagement

Client: Sunoco Big Boss Stores

Industry: Gas Station

Package: Social SEO Premium

Service Highlighted: Boosted Facebook Post

Case Study: Increasing Brand Awareness Through Engagement

Post Engagement Rate of 4.5%

Successful Facebook engagement rate is 1% or higher. This particular post reached an engagement rate of 4.5%! This is calculated by the number of total engagements; likes, shares, and comments divided by total reach.

Post Reach of 18.2%

While this is a boosted post, the organic reach was over 1,351 and paid reach was 1,047 for a total reach of 2,398. This is a post reach of 18.2%. Typical Facebook reach is 2%.

Boosting this post led to above-average post engagement and post reach.

Big Picture - Since purchasing the Social SEO Premium Package overall Facebook page likes have increased 5%


Let's create your business's new home on the web! Showcase your services or skills, sell products, book appointments, answer questions and much more!

Web Design - for ad design, custom websites, landing pages with email/text automated follow up.   24/7 Reporting Dashboard to measure your ROI
Website Hosting & Maintenance - Fast, reliable hosting, and we'll take care of updates and changes for you

Website Optimization - improving your existing site or designing a new one
Email Newsletters - delivered to your target list to help driving new & repeat biz
Blog & Website Copywriting - keyword rich content that educates prospects as well as Google about your business
Email Newsletters - delivered to your target list to help driving new & repeat biz.



Client: Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch

Industry: Retail

Package: WordPress 20 Page Website, Hosting & Maintenance

Client Testimonial

"I just wanted to tell you that I met with Jake Goebbert and his Dad last week. Mr. Goebbert thanked me profusely and told me that "you have changed our lives". When he said "you" I know he means all of us. The website was a huge leap of faith for them and they love it, it has helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue this past season alone. Millions of people visited the site to get information. Thank you so much for painstakingly working with Emily on every detail from the pictures to the wording, everything. They now can focus on all the cool events they are planning this year like a Summerfest & Octoberfest for the adults and wedding planning for the newly engaged. I am sure Emily will be in touch with you to add details this year."

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about ensuring those searching for your business or product not only find you, but find you before your competitors - world wide or local!

Google Business Profile - maximizing your local listing presence
Reputation Management - key factor in how high you rank in search
Website Optimization - improving your existing site or designing a new one
Blogs and Backlinks - Establish domain authority with quality links and content


Client: Salon James

Industry: Health and Wellness

Package: SEO

Service Highlighted: Off-Page SEO

Case Study: SEO Efforts Result in 60% Increase in Website Views

This client wanted to improve their digital brand awareness through SEO to encourage more traffic to the website. This client is a local salon and spa in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After 6 months of the SEO package, their unique sessions went from 1,903 to 3,031 an increase of 60%. The average time on page is 2.5 minutes.

Big Picture - The efforts of this SEO package will continue to help the client attract visitors to their website and be found in search


Whether your business is blogging, or you are looking to increase your content and share info with your customers, I can build and create content for your blog - and it helps SEO too!

Blog & Website Copywriting - keyword rich content that educates prospects as well as Google about your business


Podcasts & Video

Let's share your story with new audiences, create a buzz and provide you with some excellent, high-quality and professional content!

Connected TV - target at the zip code level and by behavior/interest
Audio Networks - 30 sec audio ads target by demo, music genre, podcast topic
Podcasts - 15–30-minute Q & A style interviews that allow you to go in-depth discussing your products, services and what makes you the best at what you do!
Video Production - engaging marketing videos perfect for social media, YouTube and Connected TV marketing

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