Marketing for the Holidays

Just like that the holidays are upon us and it’s time to roll out the holiday marketing! If you haven’t already formed your holiday marketing plan, now is the time to get it put together and rolled out before you miss out on the biggest sales days of the year!

Getting Into the Spirit

When it comes to the holidays, customers want more than just to buy gifts. They want to experience the holiday spirit! Make sure that your business is decorated for the holiday season, prepare discounts and sales, and special gift packages. You’ll also want to update your website for the holiday spirit, and be sure to feature gift suggestions. Make sure to optimize for mobile, as more than half of your customers will most likely be searching by mobile devices.

Take Them Back

Many of your customers have fond memories of the holiday seasons of their childhood. Take them back by utilizing nostalgia and pop culture references based on your customer demographics age. Be sure to thank your customers ahead of time for their loyalty.

Spread The Cheer

If there was ever a time to invest into advertising, this is it! Utilize those cheerful holiday creatives and spread the word on your gift ideas, specials and sales. Make sure you’re not only advertising where your customers are already looking, and retarget those window shoppers to seal the deal. Geofencing your competitors locations is a great way to show your winning prices.

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