How Marketing and Sales Work Together

Many would say that marketing and sales work together like bread and butter – but the reality is, it’s more like yeast and flour.

Sure, bread and butter go great together, but bread has endless possibilities without the butter. Instead, marketing is the yeast that makes flour rise into bread (with a few other ingredients, of course). Without the yeast, the bread doesn’t rise, and while flatbread is great too, it only gets as thick as you make it.

Many businesses can be successful running on good ‘ol fashioned word of mouth – the flatbread. However, utilizing only word of mouth, growth is limited by the size of your immediate market. With marketing, you are paying to expand your market, brand awareness and more. While marketing can do many things for your business, such as improving user experiences, reducing costs and establishing awareness, at the end of the day the main point is to increase profits – which means bringing in more sales.

An effective marketing strategy will build brand awareness, reach new customers, drive repeat customers, improve reputation and build authority. All of these things will drive sales into new markets, referrals and repeat business. Think of marketing as one way to invest into growing your sales, and therefore your business because as they say, “sales solves all problems.”

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