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Large-Scale Marketing Solutions for Budgets of all Sizes


Our Mission

Great Marketing LLC is dedicated to changing the standard in the marketing industry for the better. We feel strongly that businesses shouldn't have to deal with their marketing company, they should be working together for mutual success.

Industry Leading Reporting & Analytics

We pride ourselves on having industry leading reporting and analytics, so that you don't just have to trust that we are doing our job. We make all the information available to you, on-demand, up to date, and easy to use and interpret. See where your ads are placed, who's seeing them and much more!

The Mobile Revolution is Here!

Is your site optimized for mobile devices?

  • 80% of shoppers have used a mobile device while shopping inside a physical store to look up product information.
  • 59% of shoppers prefer to frequent stores that offer a mobile shopping experience.
  • 90% of buyers report that an excellent mobile experience is likely to convince them to make a repeat purchase from the same company.
  • 79% of smartphone users report having made a purchase online with their device within the last 6 months.
  • 80% of B2B buyers are using a mobile device to make purchases.

We Create Fully Mobile Optimized Websites

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Did You Know?

85% of Connected TV Families are “Multi-Screeners” and browse the Internet while watching TV.

Multi-Screen Activities Include

Check/Respond to Emails
Use Social Media
Look up Information About What They are Watching on TV
Play Games
Do Online Shopping
Do Online Banking
Watch Videos
Read the News

The Power of Google

Did you know?

How Consumers Use Google

  • 82% are conducting “Discovery Search” using unbranded or generic keywords
  • 64% Search Weekly for Local Business information
  • 36% Use Voice Search via Phone, Home, and Car
  • 76% connect with a business within 24 hours; and 28% of those MAKE A PURCHASE!

Sources: Think with Google, Uberal, Brightlocal

We Make Sure Best Prospects Actively Searching Today for Your Products & Services can find your Business on Google!

Search market share

Source:  2021

What Our Clients Say

"Best in the biz! Can't say enough good things about them!"

Jeff Storms

"Great individuals to work with. Very prompt in response to updates and issues I might need or have."

Dan Neve

Are You Where Your Prospects are Already Looking?

Don't try to get your customers to look at you, put yourself where they are already looking!

We offer social media management and content creation, fully optimized and boosted. Let's put your business in front of prospects in the best way possible!


Our Services

These are our primary services


Advertising has the power to get your business and product in front of more eyes and new audiences. My ads won't just get you more views however, I'll make sure they get to the right eyes.

Social Media

Reach thousands organically or with highly targeted promoted posts. I can handle all your social media needs, from targeting to content and management.


Let's create your business's new home on the web! Showcase your services or skills, sell products, book appointments, answer questions and much more!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about ensuring those searching for your business or product not only find you, but find you before your competitors - world wide or local!


Whether your business is blogging, or you are looking to increase your content and share info with your customers, I can build and create content for your blog - and it helps SEO too!

Podcasts and Video

Let's share your story with new audiences, create a buzz and provide you with some excellent, high-quality and professional content!

Looking for something else?

We are a full-service marketing agency, and we offer much more!

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Always one-on-one! No calls to overseas sales reps who don't care about your business! Our Account Mangers personally handle each and every account, ensuring you get the best service with full attention to detail.

Monthly Reporting We believe in providing transparent, accountable and quality services. With monthly reporting you can see exactly how my services are performing!

Make your budget count! No fluff, or underperforming services eating up your marketing budget! We will ensure that every dollar counts and gets you and your business the best bang for your buck!

Stay focused on your product You're a pro at what you do, so stay focused on your product while we handle your marketing investment with efficiency!

Looking for services for the cannabis and cbd industries?

Check out our Canna division!

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